Why Nelson?

A Letter From The President

James Nelson James Nelson PE

Nelson has considerable experience designing and building industrial buildings in the Midwest and Nationwide.  We do multiple and repeat projects for a long list of national commercial and industrial customers in multiple industries.  We have worked in twenty five states in the US and several provinces in Canada.  We also do a considerable amount of work in the wind turbine industry having installed over three thousand foundations for utility scale wind turbines.

Nelson has on staff both engineers and architects as well as project managers and field construction personnel.   We have a hands-on management culture and do a significant amount of the actual construction work with our own people.  Quality of the work and the ability to meet a schedule is under our control.

We have an excellent safety program and a full time safety director.  Our insurance modification rate is 0.6 which we have been told is the lowest possible rate for contractors.  We have worked in large chemical plants such as the CF Industries fertilizer plant and in multiple food plants such as Tyson Foods and in the wind turbine industry.  All have stringent safety standards and we have flourished under the diverse standards of various industries.  We have a culture of safety in our company and most of our long term employees have the OSHA thirty hour certification.  We are a member of ISN.

Quality control is a continuing project for all concerned and is the basis for our outstanding reputation.  The best insurance for quality is the quality of the people actually supervising and doing the work.  No amount of procedure or protocol will eliminate errors caused by lack of experience and understanding.  Nelson understands issues such as constructability because we have many years of experience designing, building, owning and leasing buildings.  We make our living by doing it correctly and efficiently the first time. 

Aftercare of a project is part of the service for all of our projects.  Nelson is located Mid-Continent, a two or three hour flight from either coast and are only a phone call away.  Our staff is large enough to handle emergencies and aftercare promptly. 

We understand the project very well and have done many projects with a high degree of difficulty.  When there is a great deal of design and detailing work that needs to be done, it is well within the scope and capacity of our team to accomplish it. We propose to use engineers and contractors with the expertise to design and build your facility.

Nelson and our subcontractors are proficient in AutoCAD and various scheduling and project control programs.  In addition, we have on staff two recent master’s degree construction engineering and structural engineering graduates that are proficient in all of the latest project control software.  Consequently, we routinely use drop box file sharing.

Our field crews routinely work fifty-hour weeks and more if necessary.  We have a long record of completing projects on time and in budget.  An example of our schedule is the Sabre Manufacturing design/build project in Sioux City, Iowa.  Nelson began construction work on July fifth and Sabre was manufacturing steel utility poles by December first.  Sabre is a 400,000 S.F. complex consisting of six buildings on a 100 acre site.  We invite you to view testimonials from several of our projects on YouTube. See the link below.

Nelson Testimonials

Nelson Industrial would be pleased meet with your team and proceed with your project immediately.

James Nelson PE